Who Am I?

Lisa Rich is a fully qualified Pilates teacher teaching in Fovant area.

Here is some general information about Lisa.

- Lisa has been practiphoto1cing Pilates since 2004.

- She started Pilates when she attended a backcare class at her local hospital when diagnosed with a torn disc in her lumbar spine- and couldn't walk! 

- Lisa used to work in conservation, specialising with working with disadvantaged youth. 

- Lisa's body improved over the course of several years of Pilates, and she felt so inspired by the journey that she began her Matwork training through the Pilates Foundation in 2009, finally enrolling in 2010 at the Scott Studio in Somerset. She finally graduated in 2011 and has been teaching ever since.

- Lisa set up Inspired Pilates in 2011, and has been working regularly at Bodywise Pilates, Salisbury (Leila Coppock's studio) as a freelance Teacher. She went full time teaching in April 2012.

- Lisa completed her Equipment (Bridging) Training in 2014. She studied at the Sunflower Centre in London with Jessica Moolenaar from Mindful Pilates. This was again a Pilates Foundation course as Lisa found that the hours, and detail were the best of all the providers. This comprised over 400 hours supervised teaching, 33 hours of self classes and over 200 hours of self study, 2 case studies and an essay on hyper-mobility. The exams included observation of a one to one client and a group studio. The theory exam included a 3 hour written paper.

- Lisa has had a background in sport- she swam competitively at a young age, has run cross country, and owned horses. She currently owns 2 horses and takes a Pilates twist on training horses by doing Tellington Touch. This enables her horses to be more confident, supple and balanced. 

- As Lisa is hypermobile ('double jointed') she can help you to understand why being a bit too bendy isn't so great, and how to go about managing your body to decrease the potential of injuries. Lisa enjoys specialising in hyper-mobility and syndromes surrounding this.

- Lisa had her first baby in January 2016, and her second in February 2018 and currently teaches part time.

- Her sessions are packed full of information to encourage you to build up knowledge of your body. If you have any further questions about Pilates, please feel free to send Lisa an email, text or call her.

Come and give Pilates a go!

Lisa Rich

Pilates Teacher