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Riders Workshop with Claire Pier

Claire Pier works as a free-lance Movement Analyst.

She is delighted to be sharing this secondary workshop especially created for riders. Please still come even if you didn't do the first session.

It ain't what you do it's the way you do it. What's what gets results!

Your body becomes what you repeat the most often.

Whether you are a 'happy hacker', or have competitions or events in mind, this workshop will offer you a deeper insight into your breath, alignment and movement patterns.

Claires easy to follow teaching method guides you to develop a greater awareness of your habits of movement. She will help you to move with more ease and a deeper understanding of how to use your body in accordance with intended design.

You will be given clear landmarks to get to work with both in and out of the saddle (what we do out of the saddle matters!)

You will be offered some key movement principles which enable you to 'think in action'.

Over time this enables you to make subtle adjustments to your body mechanics and alignment. These small changes can have a big impact on the feedback you offer your horse/pony. 

Physical intelligence is a skill like any other that can be developed and refined. That is the intention of Movement Analyst Training.

Claire's movement workshops feel wonderful to participate in, as she works with a deep respect, kindness and encouragement.

This two hour workshop will be an opportunity to experience what is possible when you slow down enough to pay attention and observe yourself.

Some of the time we will be working in chairs, we will also be lying on the ground using mats and other props.

Please bring a blanket, wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing, and socks.

Cost is £30 payable to Lisa Anne Rich.

You can find out more about Claire's work @